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As a practicing artist - it has been my constant quest to explore the human mark on time and vice versa. A certain attraction to find traces of psyche in flux or maybe an urge to transcend mortal boundaries through mediation between people and the cosmos. The concept of microcosm (body), mesocosm (earth) and macrocosm (cosmos) form the pivotal triad in my artistic expression.

Born in the ‘city of joy’ in 1981 and raised in an atmosphere that cherished music, art and culture - with deep inclinations towards philosophy and spirituality and an eagerness to explore mysticism and metaphysics - has enabled me to contemplate and question - form, space and emptiness.

There is an internal dichotomy that drives my creative process on several levels, though the execution is very exact, the starting point is often circumstantial. As Wolfgang Tillmans rightly puts it “ it’s an ongoing process of observing cause and effect, a locked and unsolvable coexistence of intentions and results.” With cause I don’t mean just the external influences - but my own influence in a situation. 

Born 1981, Kolkata, India

Lives and works in - Mumbai, India

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